Virginia Speeding Ticket Fines Cost Points Out State

Virginia speeding ticket

Not all speeding ticket are equal. Certain types of speeding ticket can have severe consequences.  An example of a very serious speeding ticket is reckless driving by speeding.  A Reckless Driving ticket by speed is a criminal offense.  It is a class 1 misdemeanor.  A conviction can result in one (1) year in jail and a fine of $2500.  Additionally, a Reckless Driving ticket can result in 6 months loss of your license.


Over-speeding is a traffic offense. Every state has different penalties for over speeding. The speeding ticket in Virginia also has different charges. The state assigns demerit points, enforce fine and also other penalties for those who over speed. Over-speeding is a traffic violation, and it means to cross the speed limit on the road. For example, if the speed limit says 40 Mph and you cross that limit and drive at 42 Mph you will have to pay the charges. The important thing is that you should know the traffic laws and their penalties. You should know these speeding rules and regulations.

How much a ticket costs?

There are many types of speeding tickets. The fine for a speeding ticket can range from a maximum of $250 to $2500.

Many people do not know how much a ticket will cost them for crossing the speed limit. For crossing the speed limit, you will have to pay $200 fine. Above that you will also have to pay extra charges for every Mph, you cross the limit. The fine of each Mph extra that you cross is different in different places. For example on a highway you will have to pay $6, in a residential area you will have to pay $8.

The actual cost

The actual cost of a Virginia speeding ticket is more than you expect. Mostly the people have to pay 2.38 times the actual cost of the ticket. The reason is that there are also court charges in every ticket. So, it means that you will pay $335 for a $141 speeding ticket. What it means is that the officer will charge you with $141, but with all the extras, you will pay $335.

What to do?

What should you do if you get a ticket for crossing the speed limit? You can plead guilty and pay the charges. You will receive a conviction. You can avoid the conviction and only pay the charges if you take driver improvement classes. The third option is to plead “not guilty.” In this case, you will have to take your case to court. Hire a lawyer and file a case in court. It is the only way in which you can get away with the charges. Never proceed to the court on your own. Always take legal help in the form of a lawyer. Only a lawyer knows how to file the case and plead “not guilty” on your behalf.

Hire a lawyer

A speeding ticket can result in 3, 4 or 6 points on your driving record.  A Reckless Driving ticket for speeding will result in six points on your driving record.

If you are looking for an expert traffic attorney, you should get help from experts. Only hire a lawyer who knows the traffic laws and has been in business for many years in Virginia. The lawyer should know the laws of the state. You can hire an expert traffic attorney who knows all the traffic laws in Virginia. The lawyers have the necessary expertise to help you get out of the trouble. These lawyers will ensure that you do not have to pay the charges at all. These traffic lawyers efficiently file the case on your behalf. They know how the courts work and it is how they ensure you win the case.

Don’t take a speeding ticket lightly. Get too many speeding tickets and you can have your license suspended by the DMV.

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