VA Sexual Abuse Law

The sexual abuse laws in the entire USA are very stringent. It is a crime that is dealt with the utmost level of severity that there is. Of course if the victim is a minor then it is a whole different ball game. The sexual abuse laws in the state of Virginia are set out in such a way so as to cover most of the basis. For example the law against rape covers marital rape too. It clearly says that the complaining witness could be or could be not the offender’s spouse. The rape law has three clauses that are independent of each other. The first one is that the complaining witness was coerced, threatened or forced in some way. Secondly, the offender exploited the victim’s mental incapacity or made use of the physical incapability of the victim. Thirdly, the victim is under the age of 13 years. In all these cases if a sexual act has occurred, it is termed as rape under a broad umbrella.

Sex crimes in general are those crimes where a sexual act has occurred that the victim did not consent to or with a victim who is unable to give their consent. The law defines sexual abuse in great detail too. The main difference between rape and sexual abuse is that rape actually involves the direct act of sexual intercourse whereas sexual abuse involves many other components such as sexually groping, molesting, gratifying or even arousing someone. The violations of all these laws in any way hold serious repercussions for the offender and in most cases along with numerous other things, the offender has to enlist him or herself in the state’s sex offender registry. That alone should be a deterrent but there are offenders everywhere.

Just like in all cases, all crimes that are committed against minor carry are more hefty punishment. In Virginia, child sexual abuse is a felony. Minors are automatically either unable to understand the situation or unable to give consent. Offenders in child sexual abuse cases are dealt with in the harshest and the strictest manner and are definitely made to register themselves in sex offender’s registry so as to keep other children safe in the future. Child sexual abuse can include incest too and that makes the cases so complicated and difficult to determine correctly.

In most cases if the offender is older than 18 years of age, he or she is dealt with more strictly. They are usually placed on sex offender’s list right away on their very first offense. That makes sense because a person who is above 18, can work in a number of different positions, also as a figure of authority. That individual can easily use his or her position for a repeat offense if those who work around him or her are unaware of his past offense. When an individual is placed on the sex offender’s registry, he or she is legally bound to uncover that information in most public places.