Temporary restraining order child custody Virginia

The term “restraining order” is referred to the thought of as means to avoid a stalker or any other threatening person from threatening you. Also, in many divorce proceedings, protective orders are taken for  a number of several reasons. Instead of connotation, these protective orders are designed in a manner to stop someone from carrying out any specific action. Sometimes these protective orders are used to put in order to avoid physical contact as well as issued to tackle financial mismanagement issues, child custody issues, and other legal matters.

Virginia courts can also go into protective orders to defend children from harm or mischief, even where the damage does not go up to the intensity of family abuse. These protective orders fluctuate from each other; some may be entered more rapidly than others, and they all give different remedies. Constant  with general principles of outstanding procedure, orders entered ex parte or with very little notice to the opposite party need a higher showing of damage. Moreover, Virginia protective orders come with built-in expiration dates, which vary according to the type of protective order.

Temporary restraining orders for child custody in Virginia have not issued automatically. You can only request a temporary restraining order against the indulgence  at the beginning of your divorce proceedings, and it is mandatory in many positions. You should keep in mind that these orders can be taken against you as well. If your spouse is threatening you to exploit your financial accounts, or for some reasons you are suspicious that your spouse is making wrong financial moves from your account then you should talk to your attorney about this and request an economic order or child custody in your case.

Restraining orders are taken to provide security to an individual from harm, abuse and for the child custody. In Virginia divorce cases, these orders are used to prevent spousal abuse and domestic violence for victims. These are three types of protective orders that are issued in family abuse cases in Virginia:

1-    Emergency Order

An emergency order can be taken at any time and anywhere which will be valid for 3 days. This period is given to the victim to provide enough time to the victim to secure an extended lasting temporary restraining order.

2-    Preliminary Order

These preliminary protective orders commonly last in 15 days maximum, although this period can be extended up to six months if all the accused abuser is imprisoned or else will not be served.

3-    Permanent Order

These permanent orders are not longlasting enough. The time period for permanent order last up to 2 years and then a renewal for more time can be requested.

In Virginia divorce case, a protective or restraining order will get to the lines of acceptable communication to provide the victim with a safe environment. These orders will give you safety from your spouse like preventing your spouse from contacting you except their attorney, your child’s custody and many more.  While this can complicate divorce proceedings, spouses with a protective order in place can still work together (through their attorneys) to reach a fair settlement without the need for litigation.