Temporary restraining order child custody Virginia

The term “restraining order” is referred to the thought of as means to avoid a stalker or any other threatening person from threatening you. Also, in many divorce proceedings, protective orders are taken for  a number of several reasons. Instead of connotation, these protective orders are designed in a manner to stop someone from carrying … Read more

Virginia Separation Agreement

There is no formal concept of any legal separation agreement under Virginia Family Code. However, Virginia separation agreement typically viewed and considered as living separate while still remaining married. Consequently, such a legal separation agreement allows you and your spouse to live apart, divide your assets and debts, and establish custody while still remaining married. … Read more

Shenandoah Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

In Shenandoah Virginia personal injury attorneys are super counselors and have notoriety among customers and companions as forceful lawful supporters. After you endure damage or the demise of a friend or family member, you require a lawyer who can clarify your rights and enable you to get full and reasonable pay.Picking anattorney is the first … Read more

Reckless driving VA fine

As per the code of Virginia, there are a number of punishments for careless driving. It is realized that rash driving is a wrongdoing and any sentenced individual will have a class 1 offense criminal fine or levy against them. There are numerous charges an individual can look in the wake of indicting with the … Read more

Henrico VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases have become quite common in the Commonwealth of Virginia due to the negligence or carelessness of the accused parties. In case you have suffered injuries in an auto accident, then what should you do now? According to reliable Henrico VA personal injury lawyers, it is important that you seek medical attention as … Read more

Car Accident Lawyer Virginia

If you are searching for a car accident lawyer in Virginia to help with your case, then you should contact our attorneys asap. We go to work immediately to figure out what caused your mischance and who was to blame. We work with legal designers to demonstrate blame and with medicinal experts to build up … Read more

DWI first offense in Virginia

In Virginia, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) restraint is set at 0.08%. Having a Virginia permit consequently gives your agree to be tried if ceased by a law authorization officer while driving. This is the law of “inferred assent” and can be utilized by the officer to test you on the off chance that you … Read more

VA Reckless Driving Out of State

Virginia Reckless Driving Charges for Out of State Drivers In Virginia, the laws regarding reckless driving are very serious, and there is no leniency shown when you were about to hit someone or someone’s property. Decisions are taken on what could have been, where the worst possible scenario comes to imagination. You cannot deny the … Read more


Although there are quite severe traffic laws in Virginia, there are still several alarming cases of reckless driving in the state. As per VA reckless driving 46.2-862, the DMV points stay on record in VA of the accused individual typically for 11 years. It is estimated that several thousand traffic accidents occur every year in … Read more


Reckless driving and driving distractions are significantly life endangering activities. Besides violation of traffic laws, they can harm property or life of others behind the seat and outside the auto vehicle. Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor carrying maximum punishment of: $2500 fine Six (6) DMV points Driver’s license suspension for six months Jail … Read more